Black Shining Launcher Theme 2018

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Black Shining Launcher Theme 2018 Description

Black Shining Launcher Theme 2018 - Black Shining Launcher Theme 2018 - Tired of your current phone now?Want to make your phone smarter, more personalized and efficient?This Launcher can be the exact app you need.With Launcher new versi

Tired of your current phone now?

Want to make your phone smarter, more personalized and efficient?

This Launcher can be the exact app you need.

With Launcher new version 2018, you can totally personalize your phone to match your style and taste.

Key Features:

1. Hide apps

It can help you to hide your secret apps for your privacy. Making your private thing more safe.

2. Smart Gestures

Swipe top, swipe down, swipe left, swipe right, double tap. You can also use one or two fingers gestures.

By using gestures, you can do your task easily and fast. You will set your power button free just by double tapping home screen to lock screen.

3. Home screen

Weather clock widget can show you today and tomorrow weather information and more detail. Clean and tidy desktop can make you more comfortable.

4. Drawer

Efficient and beautiful-designed app drawer, supporting alphabet navigation with excellent animation.(You can suit yourself with vertical direction or the horizontal)

5. Dock&Folder

Dock and folder can also be changed to different styles. Dislike Pixel launcher, you can customize folder max size.

6. Totally personalized grid, icon and label

If you feel limited of your last launcher app, You'd better try this one. You will feel totally free. Wherever it's home screen, drawer or dock, you can change it's grid and icon size. Just personalize for yourself.

7. Different fancy effects

Ace launcher supports different fancy effects feeling like 3D animation to make your phone cooler than others: zoom in, zoom out, rotate up, rotate down, cube in, cube out, stack, accordion, flip, cylinder in, cylinder out, cross fade, overview, overview scale.


This launcher theme cannot be used independently. You need to install our launcher app first to apply this theme successfully. It does not support any other Launcher app.

【Coming soon】

1. Folder design

2. Backup and restore

3. Universal search to help you find contacts, movies and more

4. Unread badge: unread badge for messages, phone calls, emails and other apps

5. All-in-one speed booster, battery saver and app manager

6. Series of personalized gesture support

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